my 2nd intensive (focus on the internal self)  

Posted by Zimmerman Stein

today begins a 40-day intensive.

links to my new blogs:

my daily yoga journal
my daily process coaching journal
my daily friendship journal
my daily study journal
my daily distinctions journal
my daily emotions journal

40 days & 40 nights:
5am-7am - morning sadhana - my personal yoga time to focus on single asanas, work out alignments, develop sets, chant, meditate, etc (done with intention)
8am-12pm - yoga practice - pilates/hatha/kundalini/pranayama(rudra flow 3days/week)
1/2 hour - evening giving to friends/being with friends - daily work making gifts for friends and being with friends.
1/2 hour - evening study - reading now = relax & rejoice (yogi bhajan), yoga sutras (patanjali), light on yoga (b.k.s. iyengar), intro to tantra (lama yeshe), spiritual cannibalism (rudi), kundalini and the chakras (genevieve paulson), buddhism (steve hagen)
1/2 hour - evening process coaching work - daily journaling with the folks and keeping appointments from any triggers throughout the day.
1/2 hour - evening chores - cooking, baking, dishes, cleaning, laundry
1/2 hour - evening pranayama - breathing for balance and centeredness
diet - non-dairy vegetarian. no processed foods. no sugar.

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